Student Testimonials

I would really like to thank Kitabee for being the reason behind my transformation from an average student in Mathematics to scoring 99 percentile in XAT. Their rigorous workshops, constant focus and 24*7 support from the team acted as the main ingredient for my MBA preparation.
Nandini Goel


I would like to extend my immense gratitude to Kitabee and especially both my mentors, Neraj Sir, and Pratik Sir. Had it not been for Kitabee, I would have never succeeded. It was the shear dedication, motivation and constant support extended by both the mentors, that kept me on my feet, and made sure that I am on the right path. The teaching pedagogy, advertence to detail, individual attention and a gigantic question bank, have all been built to help realise the dreams of the students. I scored 98.86 percentile in CAT'18, and it was all because of the mentors, and their efforts to push each student to greater heights. The classroom programme, combined with the test series, and the endless question banks and assignments, made sure that an ordinary student becomes extraordinary. It was an amazing time at Kitabee, and I hope they flourish and help lots of other students.

Vaibhav Wadhwa

IIM kozhikode - 98.86%ile

KITABEE has been supreme in the list of resources I could find in my pursuit of MBA coaching with zealous and qualified faculties for Quant, LRDI (Neraj Sir) and Verbal (Pratik Sir) focusing on every aspect of the selection procedure with targeted emphasis laid on individual’s strengths and weaknesses assessed periodically until the last moment - a hallmark of KITABEE.”
Atul Gupta

98.56% ile

Would like to thank Kitabee for their immense support and guidance in my journey for Cat 18. Without Neeraj sir's and Prateek sir's support i would not have performed that well in cat. In fact there were times when i thought of giving up on my dream, but they were the ones who kindled that fire in me to not give up. Many a times i felt i am not good enough but they pushed me to keep going. They saw something in me which I couldn't, they believed in me when i didn't and i think that is what a good mentor and a coaching centre should do. The bonding that they will have with you, i don't think you will find it anywhere else. Preparing for cat is a journey and having Google maps to take you to your destination is very helpful right? Kitabee will navigate you but you need to work hard to achieve your dream. All the best!
Varun Paliwal

MDI Gurgaon - 98.36% ile

After having a not so good experience at a really famous coaching institute, the experience at Kitabee was refreshing and enriching. Neraj Sir gave every student personal attention from the starting which made a huge difference. Every class with Pratik Sir was fun and enlightening. In addition to making our concepts crystal clear, both of them provided constant motivation and advice throughout my journey.

MDI Gurgaon - 98.11% ile


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