Explanatory Answer

Circumference of the circle = 2 × (22/7) × 350 = 2200 m

Now, as they run in the opposite direction, they take 3 min and 20 sec to meet i.e. 200 sec.

Let their speeds be v1 and v

So, 2200/(v1+ v2) = 200     Or v1+ v2 = 11


Also, when they run in the opposite direction, they meet at 3 distinct points.

So, the difference between the simplest ratio of v1 and v2 must be equal to 3.

So, we can say v1 = 7 and v2 = 4

So, the slower runner has a speed of 4 m/s

Time taken by her to complete one round = 2200/4 = 550 sec = 9 minutes 10 seconds. 

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