Explanatory Answer

D and B talk about the books and A and C talk about the plot of the book.

This implies that D and B will precede  A and C. In cases such as this one, the author of the passage always talks about the book first and then talks about the plot of the book.

Notice that D talks about “famous heroines in English Literature” and B talks about  “Daphne du Maurier's novel Rebecca”. D has a reference to the English Literature whereas B is only talking about one particular book. Therefore D precedes B.

A will precede C as Maxim de Winter’s full name is used in A, whereas in C only a part of his name is used to refer to him (de Winter's).

In para jumbles, a sentence with the full name will always precede the sentence that has only a part of the name.

Therefore the order is DBAC.

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