Explanatory Answer

There are small hints in each sentence that indicate their sequence.

A cannot be the first in the sequence as, “documents like these indicating”, indicates that this statement follows another.

B cannot be the first either as, “pursued similar “border scientific” doctrines”, indicates that if follows another statement.

Now, between C and D, we can see that C talks about 1933 and D talks about mid-1930s.

This implies C precedes D.

Therefore, C is the first statement.

D precedes B, as D talks about “how Hitler’s second in chief sponsored astrology, “cosmobiology,” and other esoteric medical practices” and B starts with “Hitler’s chief of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, pursued similar “border scientific” doctrines.”

The word similar indicates that an instance similar to the one mentioned in D is being described in B.

“Hundreds of archival documents like these indicate ..” in A implies that, A follows  B as “these” refers to “doctrines” mentioned in B.

Therefore, the order is CDBA.

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