Explanatory Answer

D is a general statement. General statements are mostly if not always the first in the sequence. B also can be termed as a general statement. But notice that D uses “Charles Darwin”, whereas B uses “Darwin”. In para jumbles, a sentence with the full name will always precede the sentence that has only a part of the name.

So, D comes before B, but B is not consecutive to D.

D states, “overcoming scientific rejection of earlier concepts of transmutation of species

And A states that “the scientific community and much of the general public had accepted evolution as a fact

D talks about Darwin providing theories to overcome scientific rejection and A talks about the scientific community and general public accepting his theory.

C talks about many people following other explanations.

D, A and C all talk about, Darwin giving the theory evolution, scientists  and the public accepting it as a fact and some other communities following other approaches.

Therefore, Darwin, his theory of evolution and its acceptance is common to the three.

Another way to determine the sequence is to follow the sequence of the years mentioned in D, A and C.

D talks about Darwin’s theory which was published in 1859,

A states that by 1870s, people started to accept his theories,

And C mentions that a broad consensus developed in the 1930s.

Facts/statements are usually mentioned in chronological order. So, it is also a way to determine the sequence.

We know that B cannot precede D. We also know that A and C follow A respectively.

Therefore, the order is DACB

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