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CAT online coaching Alpha plan @ ₹12,999 ₹ 20000

1. Live classes

2. Video lectures recordings of live classes

3. Study Material

4. Personalised mentorship

5. Revision sessions

6. Topic-based tests

7. Dedicated WhatsApp group for doubts

CAT online coaching Beta plan @ ₹13,999 ₹ 22000

1. Live classes

2. Video lectures recordings of live classes

3. Study Material

4. Personalised mentorship

5. Revision sessions

6. Topic-based tests

7. Dedicated WhatsApp group for doubts

8. CAT Test Series Full length and Sectional mocks

CAT online coaching Gamma plan @ ₹14,999 ₹ 23500

1. Live classes

2. Video lectures recordings of live classes

3. Study Material

4. Personalised mentorship

5. Revision sessions

6. Topic-based tests

7. Dedicated WhatsApp group for doubts

8. CAT Test Series: Full length and Sectional mocks

9. XAT, SNAP, IIFT and NMAT, TISSNET sectional and full length mocks.

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Why we are starting with the online classes?

Kitabee has travelled a remarkable journey in its classroom training program by helping many students make it to some of the most sought-after B-Schools in India. At Kitabee, students from diverse ackgrounds from all across the country, come with a dream in their eyes, ready to put in their heart and soul into the preparation and slog for hours daily in order to convert their dream into a reality. We have received immense love and respect from the student community for the hard work we put in, the mentoring that we provide and the never give up attitude that we believe in which eventually help our students to achieve spectacular results.

But, there are a lot of students out there who cannot join our classroom program due to varied reasons- distance, financial crunch or even unavailability of time due to tight work schedules. Not everyone can migrate to Delhi and take up the classroom training. So, to reach out to such aspirants, we are launching our online CAT preparation course, aimed to guide a greater number of aspirants aiming to get into a good B-school.

Advantages of an Online Course:

Preparing for CAT or other MBA entrance exams specifically need a robust study plan, detailed mentoring, crystal clear conceptual understanding and an effective test taking strategy and temperament. For such inputs and guidance, one needs to enroll for a course-offline or online as they streamline one’s preparation with frequent feedbacks and inputs to improvise and work on the weak areas. With better technology available these days, online study is evolving each day and is trying to be at par with the offline study in terms of quality of teaching and student-teacher interaction. Some of the extra advantages that an online course provides are:

1. Study from our comfort zone

One can take classes sitting in his room (an environment which he is habitual with and where he feels a sense of comfort and ease). This saves a student both the time, energy and money spent on commuting.

2. Flexible Study Timings

One can study as per his or her availability of time each day and plan his classes accordingly.

3. Lower Fees compared to an offline coaching

The lower fees when compared to an offline classroom program is also good enough reason for many students to opt for an online training program.

4. Can revise the concepts any time and any number of times

The recordings of the classes can be viewed any number of times as per the requirement of any student which is not possible in an offline coaching program.

Course Offerings:

Our online course for CAT preparation is specifically designed to provide the same enriched learning experience to the students enrolled for our online course as we give to those who prepare with us through our offline classroom program. The entire course comprises of regular live classes where each topic is explained in detail along with a lot of practice questions. After every topic there are topic- based tests which help one to get a better clarity of the topics. The entire course will include full length and sectional tests which are in line with CAT in terms of content and in test interface. There will be 41 books- theory and practice books related to CAT and special booklets for other management entrance exams delivered to your doorstep. Dedicated WhatsApp groups for your doubt clarification. Rigorous practice and revision sessions once the syllabus is completed.

1. Live Classes

The live classes on each topic will help one to gain conceptual clarity on each topic. The students can raise doubts and discuss the points that they couldn’t understand with the mentor. Each class will be of minimum 1.5-hour duration where enriched questions will be discussed, new concepts taught by the trainers and doubts of the students will be discussed.

2. Study Material

Theory material and practice assignments will be available online. This material will be other than the questions and problems discussed during the classes and the tests that the student will be offered in the courses. There will be special practice material related to other management entrance exams as well.

3. Topic Based Tests

There will be topic based tests that the students will appear for which help them to evaluate themselves based on their understanding of the concepts.

4. Full Length and Sectional Test

The entire course would include 20 Full Length CAT tests and 30 sectional tests that will be in line with actual CAT exam with detailed analysis metrics to help one identify the weak areas and work upon them. There will be features of bookmarking important and conceptual questions which one can solve and revise later during the preparation.

5. Other Management Entrance Test

There will be ample number of tests for your preparation for exams other than CAT like SNAP, NMAT, XAT and IIFT. This list includes:
6 XAT Full length Test + 12 sectional tests (for XAT), 6 SNAP Full Length Tests + 9 sectional tests (for SNAP), 6 IIFT Full Length test + 12 sectional tests (for IIFT), 12 NMAT Full length Tests + 15 Sectional tests (for NMAT).

6. Doubt Clarification

There will be dedicated WhatsApp group for doubt clarification and peer to peer interaction. The students can also ask doubts during the live classes, email us and even special doubt clearing classes will be conducted where these doubts will be addressed.

7. Personalised Mentorship

There will be feedback sessions, motivational sessions, strategy discussion, preparation of study plan done by the mentors. The mentors will be available to guide you through out your preparation.

8. More than 3500 CAT level Question Bank

This enormous question bank will help one to practice module wise on a test platform thereby assisting one to analyze his or her performance in that particular module. These questions will be additional to the questions that one can find in the books, full length, sectional and topic-based tests. Attempting these questions will go a long way in getting one a spectacular percentile in CAT.

9. Revision Sessions

Once the syllabus is over, students will undergo rigorous training through the revision and practice sessions that will be held almost daily till CAT which help one to get an exposure to diverse variety of problems on each topic thereby helping them to score brilliantly at the D Day. Kitabee is renowned for its workshops and the exhaustive practice sessions which a student can also expect in this online course. These revision sessions will not just help one to improve on the content, but also help to devise strategies and ways to improve the scores in the mocks.

Course Structure:

We have devised a comprehensive and an exhaustive course structure for our students which will cover every bit of what can be asked in the exam along with numerous practice classes. The structure given below does not include the revision classes that will be held after the completion of the syllabus. This structure only gives one an idea of the number of classes that will be covered before the revision sessions kick starts.

Verbal Ability Classes:

Topic No. of Classes
RC theory 3
RC Practice 10
Sentence Correction Theory 8
Practice 2
Critical Reasoning Theory 4
Practice 2
Practice 22
Analogies theory 1
Analogies practice 2
Synonyms & Antonyms 2
FLT discussion 10

Total Classes: 66 classes

LRDI Classes:

Logical reasoning

S.N. Chapter No. of classes
2. Circular Arrangement 2
3. Selection 2
4. Distribution 3
5. Binary logic 2
6. Syllogism 1
7. Order and Sequencing 2
8. Cubes 1
9. Routes and network 2
10. Miscellaneous 3

Total classes – 21

Data interpretation :

S.N. Chapter No. of classes
1. Tables 2
2. Bar graph 2
3. Pie chart 2
4. Line graph 2
5. Caselets 2
6. Games and Tournaments 3
7. Reasoning based DI 3
8. Venn Diagrams 2

Total classes – 18

Quantitative Aptitude Classes

Lines and Angles 1
Triangles 3
Polygons 2
Circles 2
Solids 2
Coordinate Geometry 2
Practice Classes 2
Total 15
Percentages 1
Ratio and Proportion 1
Profit and Loss 2
Averages 1
Time, Speed and Distance 4
Time and Work 2
Mixtures and Alligations 2
Simple and Compound Interest 1
Practice Classes 3
Total 17
Theory of Equations 1
Linear and Special Equations 1
Quadratic Equations 2
Logarithms 1
Sequences and Series 2
Inequalities 1
Functions 4
Practice Classes 3
Total 15
Number System
Divisiblity 1
Factors 1
HCF and LCM 1
Remainders 2
Unit's and Ten's Digit 1
Factorial 1
Base System 1
Practice Classes 2
Total 10
Modern Math
Permutations and Combinations 3
Probability 1
Set Theory 2
Practice Classes 2
Total 8
Total Classes 65

Fees Structure:

Fee structure

All plans are inclusive of GST.

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