Pie Charts



A pie chart is a unique format of representing data in statistics. Here the independent variable is simply plotted around a circle. Or in other words a circle is broken up into different sectors by drawing radial lines from the centre and each component is either represented in terms of percentage or degrees to indicate the share of that component in the total. Pie Charts are primarily used to depict the relative sizes of the components. For example:

  • The different costs incurred in the manufacturing of a product.

  • Different sections in a hospital and number of doctors in each section giving their relative strengths,

  • How popular are different breeds of dogs etc.

Example: Student Grades

Here the table shows how many students got each grade in the recent test:










This can be represented in a pie chart as follows:



The following pie chart represents the breakup of Mohan’s monthly expenses.


  1. If Mohan spent Rs 3000 more on food and education together than he spent on others, then find its monthly expenses. 

(A)25000                        (B) 30000           (C) 20000          (D) 15000

Solution: (B)

Percentage of his expenditure on food and education together is = 25+15 = 40

Percentage of his expenditure on others = 30

Given that, (40 %- 30%) = 3000

Monthly expenses = 3000/0.1 = 30000


  1. If Mohan increased his savings, which is currently 20 % of income by 30% and reduced his expenses by 30 %, then his savings would be what percentage of his expanses?

(A) 35 %            (B) 45 %        (C) 41.27%         (D) 46.42 %

Solution :  (D)

Assume, his monthly income is Rs ‘x’

Initially savings,  10x/100

New Savings, 

Initially expenditure, = 

New expenditure, = 

Require percentage = = 46.42 %

  1. Mohan spent 20 % of his expenditure on others on clothes which is equal to half of expenditure on transportation. If the expenditure on transportation is 6000 rs. Find his Expenditure on rent.

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