How to prepare for exam in one day?

Wondering How to prepare for exam in 1 day? Let’s discuss about it. Sometimes there are some problems in our life due to which we cannot dedicate time for study properly. And by the time we realise, we would have only a day or two left before the exam. So the question of many students in such a situation, how to prepare for the exam in 1 day? Or how to prepare for the exam in less time? Here we are going to provide you with some important tips, if you follow all the tips mentioned here, you can study very well in a day.

How to prepare for exam in 1 day?

If you are reading this article, you must have very little time left in the exam. Even if you have completed your entire course in school or college. But now you don’t have time to revise. You need to understand that revision of your entire course is must before the exam. Now if we talk about whether exam preparation can be done in less time. The answer is, yes it can. But for this, you have to follow some things. Which you are going to get in the article below. You just have to have complete confidence in yourself by following all the steps mentioned here. So let’s know how to prepare for the exam in less time-

1. Create a timetable

First you need to create a time table, you need to create this time table according to your schedule. In which you have to see, how much time to eat, and how much time to study. Also, you need to keep a regular time for each subject in this timetable you have created. For the subjects you feel weak, you should spend at least 20 minutes more than all other subjects. After making the timetable you have to follow it responsibly.

2. Make short notes for studying

You should keep short notes of all the subjects. With short notes, we can understand things easily. For example, suppose your biology is divided into reproduction, genetics and evolution, biology and human welfare, biotechnology and its application, ecology and environment, then you need to make all these notes in your biology book. So that you know everything well.

3. Refresh yourself

When we read continuously for a long time, it can cause problems in our brain like headache etc. Similarly, if we study at night, we start to feel sleepy. So to avoid all this take some rest in between and keep yourself fresh. For this, you can drink tea or water while studying in the middle.

4. Choose a quiet place

Always choose a place for studying, where there is not much noise. So that you don’t have to face any kind of problem while studying. You can study in the quiet of your home if you want. If there is an upstairs room in the house where no one comes, you can study there too.

5. Turn off the phone

While you are doing your test, you should keep your phone switched off. However, some people will have a question here, when we read, the phone will be useful to calculate for us. So for this, you need to keep a calculator with you. Do not use your phone while studying. This is only for class 12 students. Because when we read graduation, we need a phone. With the help of the phone, we sometimes search for some information.

6. Solve old question papers

You must go through old question papers of the exam you are preparing for. Because there are some questions, which are asked every time in the exam. If you do this, it will remember some of your questions and you can easily enter any question. You should read most of the big questions because there are many small questions hidden within the big questions. You must read all question titles.

Know the important points before taking the exam

  • You should always read with confidence. While reading you should have full faith in yourself, remembering what you are reading.
  • You should always read everything thoroughly.
  • Revise the topics you have studied a day before the exam.
  • One thing to keep in mind while revising is to revise only those topics you have studied before; don’t go for new topics.
  • If there is a theory, you should not cram it, but understand it well and solve it.
  • Adequate sleep should be given on the night of the exam. So that you don’t feel any kind of laziness or fatigue in the exam the next day.
  • When you go for the exam, be sure to eat from home. Even if you are out somewhere, definitely go for a meal or snack.
  • In the question paper, firstly, solve all the questions you come across quickly.
  • After that, do the rest of the questions, if your question paper has negative marking then you should not attempt the question which you don’t remember. This may reduce your marks.

Note:- This article tells you, How to prepare for exam in 1 day? If you follow all the points mentioned here, how can you prepare for the exam in less time? Don’t think about such things at all. If you have any query related to this article, you can let us know by commenting. If you like this article, please share this article with your friends, thank you.

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