Classroom Program

Kitabee’s Classroom Program is a platform where students from diverse disciplines study together towards a common goal- to successfully crack the CAT and similar exams. Our classes focus predominantly on a three-pronged approach – Clarity of conceptstheir applications and improvement in the performance of students.

At Kitabee, we pay equal attention to all subjects. We focus not just on the CAT but also on other entrance exams such as the IIFT, XAT, SNAP, CMAT only NMAT, which are doorways to some of the best colleges, so that our students can ace all such exams. We conduct special sessions for these exams at regular intervals with mock tests designed to replicate challenges that each of these exams reflects; each exam is different and requires a different strategy to crack it.

We believe that success stems only from holistic learning. Regular classes are conducted for Quant, Verbal and LRDI, and even General Awareness for exams like XAT, SNAP, IIFT, CMAT etc. After every session, a test is conducted to gauge how well each student has grasped the concepts taught in the class.

But real learning begins, we believe, after the classroom sessions are done! Because once the syllabus is over, our students undergo rigorous training sessions. These sessions, conducted almost every day, incorporate revisions, workshops and mock tests to build temperament, endurance and proficiency which translates into our student’s earning spectacular results.

Once the written exams are over, we begin to train our students for the second round of B-school selection process which involves Group Discussions, Personal Interviews, Written Assessment Tests, Extempore & Group Interviews which decide the final selection of a candidate. At Kitabee we prepare our students for this phase with an intensive training that lasts for 2-3 months, designed to shape their personalities and condition them to withstand the rigours of interviews and group discussions.

The KE(Y) TA BE(E) successful

Here’s our take on what constitutes success- There exist a few elements of success which most people don’t take into account when they begin to prepare for competitive exams.


We are not talking about a student’s dedication but a teacher’s. Big players in the business are corporates. They have systems in place. These systems are designed to cater to a student’s needs, no matter which instructor uses them. However, we feel each student is different and must be counselled and guided accordingly. We don’t want a hatchery where hens (students) sit in a row and lay eggs(top scores). We would rather treat human beings as human beings, thank you very much!


Students love to flock to institutes which come highly recommended by their peers, as they should! But once they get there, they realize that bigger institutes have their downside, namely, they are crowded. This overcrowding translates into the weaker students being forced to exist perpetually in obscurity. When such students keep quiet, it’s assumed they don’t have problems. Our observation and experience indicate that those who keep quiet often do! In fact, we believe that if students are too quiet, it’s seldom because they’ve understood everything and often because they’ve understood nothing! At Kitabee we firmly believe that “no question is stupid”


First off, we refuse to haggle. Absolutely! Please don’t ask us for discounts. If you can afford an MBA, you can afford our fees. Because we are NOT overpriced! While money is a priority for us, we don’t believe in overcharging.

But don’t go by our word. Attend demo classes and get the first-hand experience of our teaching methodology, study resources, mocks and our commitment level. Based upon those, take a call!

I had joined Kitabee in Feb’17 and it was the best thing I did. I had taken cat twice before this and the only thing that lacked in my prep was a strategy and personal attention. That’s why I was reluctant to join other institutes. Kitabee gave me more than I expected. The amount of hard work that Neraj Sir and Prateek Sir put to make you go that extra mile in your prep is unparalleled. And the most beautiful thing about Kitabee is that during the period of prep, you will never feel alone. You will get confidence for sure before the exam and Neraj sir will be there with you until the last moment before the exam. So I would give a very strong recommendation to anyone who wishes to join an institute for CAT prep.

KITABEE has been supreme in the list of resources I could find in my pursuit of MBA coaching with zealous and qualified faculties for Quant, LRDI (Neraj Sir) and Verbal (Pratik Sir) focusing on every aspect of the selection procedure with targeted emphasis laid on individual’s strengths and weaknesses assessed periodically until the last moment – a hallmark of KITABEE

I am very thankful to the excellent faculty Mr Neraj and Mr Pratik at KITABEE Educational Services for their indefinite support and continuous guidance all throughout my journey from scratch towards CAT’17. It was through their teaching methodology which is thorough and student-oriented giving special focus and personal attention that I was able to stay on my toes on track. I was just an average student but with the positive and encouraging atmosphere I have been able to move up the ladder and successfully scored a decent score of 99.4 percentile in my very first attempt. It has been a very beautiful and productive journey here at KITABEE. Thank you Team KITABEE for sticking with me during this tumultuous period.