Why do you need a good coaching institute for your CAT preparation?

Why do you need a good coaching institute for your CAT preparation?
31 December

Why do you need a good coaching institute for your CAT preparation?

Is it really necessary to join a coaching institute when so much of content is available on the internet? How could a coaching help one get a desired percentile?

The answer to the above confusion lies in the fact that preparation for CAT or any other exam is a journey with its own sets of crests and troughs. There are days which feel quite promising while on many occasions there are spells of gloom and dejection. One needs to be consistent enough with the studies and continuously work upon self- improvement. It is a long journey that requires guidance in each and every step you take. The most imperative role of a coaching is to keep your preparation disciplined, focused and yet enjoyable. A coach helps one to come out of the existing mental boundaries and assists in taping one’s unused potential and caliber. A mentor is not just a guide in your preparation but also a strategist who helps you in devising the most appropriate tactics and strategies required to succeed. At times he or she may scold you, at times motivate you, at times train you and at times may even ignore you so that you don’t lose the focus and deliver the maximum you can. So, we all need mentors who help us embark on the journey that requires sweat and blood and it is they who would not take a sigh of relief until you realise your dreams.

So, when it comes to why one needs to join a classroom program, the following points will help you understand it more concisely:

1.  Conceptual Clarity:- The lectures and discussion classes taking place gives one the physical and real time interaction with the best of trainers who are masters in their subjects. They might help you in better understanding of the concepts along with their applications. The beauty of a good teacher lies in the optimal selection of words that simplify even the complex of theories.

2. Discipline:- When you join a coaching, then it gives structure to your preparation. The entire syllabus will commence in a systematic manner so that your preparation is not haphazard but is streamlined.

3. Peer Interaction and Competition:- One learns the maximum from his or her peers. When you join a classroom program you will find a real competitive atmosphere which will ensure that you stay motivated towards your goal. You’ll find people from diverse academic backgrounds studying together for the same goal and in the very process helping and motivating each other. There will always be someone in the class who would come out with really good doubts or someone who would have tried a more smarter and shorter approach to solve a problem. These small learnings in the classes go a long way.

4. Doubt Clarification:- The most important aspect while preparation is the doubts clarification. When one only relies on self- study or some online coaching, the doubts don’t get resolved and eventually start getting accumulated which results in low conceptual clarity and eventually a lost in interest in the given subject. With a good coaching institute there can be timely doubt clarification sessions which is a very healthy sign as getting doubts indicate that one is studying and getting them clarified means getting a better understanding of the topic. Only join an institute which support students in quick and extensive doubt clarification.

5. Enriched Study Material:- Instead of searching hither and tither online for study resources, a good institute provides you with ample of good quality study resources. These study resources are meticulously prepared by trainers and subject matter experts which definitely give one a holistic understanding of any topic and an exposure to all the kind of models that can appear in the exam.

6. Revision Sessions/ Workshops:- Once the syllabus gets over, the most important phase of one’s preparation starts i.e. revision. One cannot take this phase lightly because during this time the concepts that one has covered during the lectures is applied extensively and it helps one to remember them as well. So, some coaching institutes organise workshops that gives a boost to your preparation. These are aimed at pulling up your percentile and helping you in build a temperament required to perform at your optimum during the exam.

7. Group Discussion and Personal Interview Preparation: - After are results of the written exam are out and hopefully you have fared brilliantly, then the calls for GDPI for the colleges start pouring in. Some don’t take this phase quite seriously and that’s where they fail miserably. The elite B schools want to admit the best of the students into their MBA program and so they look forward to candidates who have not just fared exceptionally in CAT but also promise to be exceptional in overall personality. They seek candidates who have been quite a performer not just in the academic domain but also have shown their prowess in extra- curricular activities as well. Be it team management, leadership skills, quick and rational decision making, sound business acumen, the interview panel looks to have the best of the cream and turn them into successful managers and entrepreneurs. So, as your entire profile is being evaluated, one needs to impress the panel and trust me it’s not a cake walk. This is where one needs the help of an MBA coaching. The coaches help you in structuring your answers, working on your body language, making you aware with the professional behavior and disposition, helping you with content, voice modulation, hand gestures and working on each specific details of your profile.


So, in a nut shell if you want your preparation to be structured, disciplined, highly spirited and well guided, then we strongly recommend you to join a good coaching institute where each student his highly valued and is trained well enough so as to bring out the best version of him.

Mocks and Their Significance:

In our opinion, it is the level of preparedness and familiarity with the dynamics of CAT and yet the flexibility and the ability to align along with the changing nature of this exam that plays the imperative part in the success of students. CAT is known for its uncertainties and the exhaustive nature of this exam can break even the resolute minds. This onscreen exam with the clock ticking away gives a panic attack to many, thereby forcing them to do sloppy mistakes and resulting in poor performance. So, how to adapt oneself to such nerve breaking test environment and give an optimum performance superseding your peer’s. It is where the Mock CAT Test Series help one in unleashing his/her true potential and helping in delivering a stunning performance at the actual exam you have been all waiting for.

1. Getting familiar with the test pattern and environment:

Mock CAT Test series are a great way of getting used to the test environment. Marking questions for review, using an online calculator, jumping from question to question in a quick span of time, leaving questions that appear unfamiliar and allocating time for each question requires practice and dedication and this is where the mocks come in handy. A good 50 + mocks before the CAT will help one to get suitably adapted to this exam and help in acing it.

2. Building strategies and tactics:

CAT is not just about knowledge and aptitude. It is also about how well you optimize your resources- knowledge, time and energy. There is no tailor-made strategy that works wonders for all. Everyone needs a different strategy and the best one comes out by experimenting. So, mocks should not be looked upon as merely a replica of CAT but also as a testing ground to evaluate strategies and tactics best suited according to one’s potential and limitations.

 3. Building stamina and temperament:

For the past three years, CAT has been a three- hour online exam that puts loads of stress on the eyes and mind of a test taker. It requires stamina on the part of a student to be able to continuously use his grey matter and solve problems in the entire duration of the exam. Appearing for more than 50 mocks help in building that required stamina. Also, knowledge is one thing and translating it into results is a different ball game. This is where temperament comes into play. How well a candidate is able to maintain his composure in the face of adversity is what differentiates between losers and winners. It is a skill that can be developed through sheer practice and discipline. Mock CAT Test series are so designed and created to give one enough surprises and setbacks thereby resulting in the development of temperament.

4. Getting exposure to good quality and tricky questions:

Every Mock CAT Test Series boasts of good quality questions that are tricky and conceptual (whether they are in line with CAT or not is a different story). Learning involves giving one an exposure to a plethora of tricky problems that enhance conceptual clarity. Appearing for a good number of mocks can help one to amass some quality problems and sets and can refer to them from time to time.

5. Identifying the weak and strong areas:

Mock CAT Test Series help one to identify the weak and strong topics. For instance, if one is not able to solve problems on Time, Speed and Distance in a few mocks, then one can establish that he/she is not comfortable with that topic and needs to work upon that so as to improve. Similarly, identification of strong areas makes it easy to pick questions from that topic and solve them in a particular mock so as to maximize one’s score. Thus, knowing one’s strengths and weaknesses help in better planning and sound execution of strategies.

6. Getting habitual with onscreen problem solving:

As CAT and majority of other MBA entrance exams are computer-based, one needs to be adept in the onscreen reading of the problems and solving them. As Reading Comprehension contains long and vocabulary rich passages, it becomes quintessential for one to able to quickly and clearly read the passages and draw inferences from them. This is where mocks train you to read and solve RC questions easily and correctly. Similarly, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning contains big sets laden with numbers and figures. Sometimes you have to scroll up and down and even sideways to read the entire set. This causes weariness and slows down the thought process. To combat this, mocks repeatedly train you by exposing you to diverse and difficult sets that require skilful mind and eye coordination.

7. Act as a constant reminder:

Mock CAT Test Series will keep on reminding a student that he needs to raise the bar. As the mocks are held on a regular basis and can even be scheduled by a student (although that requires sound planning), they keep on pushing the students to revise the concepts and work upon their weak areas.

8. Barometer to gauge one’s level of preparedness:

Every serious aspirant purchases some or the other CAT Test Series. These mocks give an idea of his/her performance compared to his peers in terms of his percentile, rank and score. Also, the time taken by a student in a particular problem compared to the average time taken by the test takers gives an understanding of one’s problem-solving speed. Mocks are not just to evaluate one’s performance compared to others. They are also meant to help one analyse his/her growth trajectory starting from the first mock to the last and work scientifically towards improving it due the course of his preparation.

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