Top ways to Develop a reading habit to boost your CAT score

Top ways to Develop a reading habit to boost your CAT score
26 October

Top ways to Develop a reading habit to boost your CAT score

Reading is slowly becoming a lost hobby. Gone are the days when people sat in a corner and picked up a book to read. There is a different kind of kick in developing a conscious paperback reading habit; it wonders the mind and stimulates it compared to digital reading. Needless to say, when appearing for a competitive exam like CAT, the one thing that can help you perform better is a reading habit. A diligent reading habit is the only thing that can help you nail the exam. It will not only help you with the Verbal rounds but also the interview and group discussions. 

What can you do to develop a reading habit?

1. Be curious about knowing things. 

You must be up for learning and understanding information of any kind regarding CAT or not. Start by reading things you like, topics that interest you. Once you do that, you will start enjoying the learning process, and you are going to stick with the habit. 

2. Try connecting things

After you figure out what you like reading and what you enjoy the most. You can move on to connecting them to various other things; you can elevate the levels of knowledge you want to read on. Thus, expanding your curiosity. The thirst for knowledge is the only way you can develop this habit. 

3. Prepare the right mix of books. 

You can always mix up your course books, fictional books, and different genres. Divide your attention amongst them. Maybe decide to reward yourself with your favorite fiction book once you have finished a significant coursebook reading. This will encourage you to prepare for the CAT as well as make this a lifelong habit. 

Reading can provide you a lot of joy, from increasing vocabulary, knowledge to learning different perspectives. Try to read one hour every day; that will help you improve focus for the CAT exam and ace it! All the best.

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