Tips to crack the GD/WAT and PI round

Tips to crack the GD/WAT and PI round
29 October

Tips to crack the GD/WAT and PI round

1. Keep yourself Updated with the latest happenings. In the GD/WAT, any topic related to current happening can be allocated to test your general awareness.

How to prepare for a Group Discussion

2. Remember that GD is not about how much you know about an issue/current happening; but it is about how you put forward your views and opinion about that issue. In this round, your perspective on an issue is judged by the evaluator. Hence, learn the art of articulating your views with a firm opinion.

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3. When an Essay topic is allocated to you, do not start writing about it in a haywire manner. Prepare a blueprint of the topic in your mind and then analyse the topic so as to portray your thoughts logically. Analyse the topic and provide bullet points so that it becomes easy for the evaluator to understand the flow of your ideas and opinions.

Tips and Strategies to prepare for WAT

4. When you face the panel of interviewers, do not panic. Stay calm and be optimistic. The interviewers are there to discover more about you. So speak about yourself and give them the information about which you are fully aware. Do not speak lies about anything as it can lead to your loss.

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5. Remember that getting selected in a top MBA institute is not a cakewalk. Your complete knowledge, skills and aptitude (KSA) is put to test. Only those candidates who perform exceedingly well in the entire three rounds are able to make it to the top-tier MBA College.

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