Should I leave my job for CAT preparation or not?

Should I leave my job for CAT preparation or not?
26 October

Should I leave my job for CAT preparation or not?

CAT is one of the toughest MBA entrance exams and lakhs of people appear for it every year to get into top B-school and institutes. This is one exam that requires a lot of dedication and regular studying patterns to ace it. If you wish to get into a great college you have to put in a lot of effort into preparing for this exam. People approach this exam with a lot of different strategies and there is no perfect, sure shot way to nail the exam. 

If you are a working professional and you have decided to give the CAT exam, here's what you need to ask yourself before making the decision to quit your job or prepare for CAT alongside working.

  • If you are attempting the exam for the first time. Have you researched well enough about the coursework and other requirements for the exam?

  • Do you know your strengths and weaknesses really well? Which area needs more focus and what is manageable?

  • Will you be preparing from scratch? What is your strategy like?

If you have the answers to these questions. You know where you stand, you are aware of what is to be and accordingly you estimate the amount of time you need to put in there. Which in turn, helps you decide whether or not to leave your job. A full-time job can be really distracting and you might not be able to concentrate on preparation. If you have no time to spare for preparation it's best to leave the job and prepare a detailed schedule for studying. Initially, it might be difficult to be back to being a full-time student, but it's eventually going to settle in. All you need to know is, this is going to be a step ahead in building a better career for yourself and just go for it!

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