Last Minute Preparation Tips for CAT 2020

Last Minute Preparation Tips for CAT 2020
16 October

Last Minute Preparation Tips for CAT 2020

The preparation period for the CAT is a very crucial time for candidates. While candidates try their best to follow a strategy to score well throughout, the last few days before the CAT exam are really important and need to be used to their full potential. What should you do 10 days before the exam - Tips that will help you ace it.

#1 Avoid studying new topics, invest a lot of time going over lengthy stuff, etc. Focus on what you have done so far, revise it. Prepare for your mock test

#2 Prepare for dealing with exam pressure. Check your accuracy and time management. Note where you need to improve and how you can do it

#3 Do not make any new notes. Keep going over the already prepared notes and just make sure you are thorough with them. Don't be overconfident, all of us need multiple revisions

#4 Take mock tests to check your preparation. This will help you monitor what you are totally thorough with, which question patterns you like ti solve, and brush up time management 

#5 Remember to focus on the quality of questions rather than quantity. The focus is on picking questions you can solve quickly rather than focusing on how many difficult questions you can solve. 

#6 Last days should be only invested in working on the speed and accuracy level rather than using your time to learn the material or going over new resources. 

If you have had a good study schedule and you have put diligent efforts in preparing for the CAT exam, you should be really assured of it in the last 10 days. If you are panicking as the exam comes near, you really need to get yourself together or consider giving the exam in the next attempt. Being calm, composed, and focused is the only way to crack it. All the best!

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