How to kick start your preparation for CAT 2021: Kitabee CAT Preparation

How to kick start your preparation for CAT 2021: Kitabee CAT Preparation
16 December

How to kick start your preparation for CAT 2021: Kitabee CAT Preparation

In the words of Lao Tzu, “The journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step”. Many a times, taking the first step becomes the most challenging part. Whenever, we want to learn a new craft or want to start walking on a new path towards a specific goal, we need to come out of our comfort zone, break free the chains of lethargy binding us and make deliberate changes in our lifestyles and daily routines. For example, if you want to learn how to play guitar, you need to buy a guitar (and for that again you need to do the research, take the guidance from people who are good at strumming guitar, watch tutorials online (there are many YouTube channels and apps available for that), make a schedule to devote time daily towards the practice and be patient enough through-out this journey.


So, similarly if you have decided upon to prepare well for CAT -21, then you need to do the ground work. Cracking CAT is not a cakewalk. It is not a random event where you can go take the exam and start expecting revolutionary results. It is a highly competitive exam where each year lakhs of aspirants from diverse backgrounds appear for it. From engineering to commerce graduates, from humanities to people from medical sciences. From working professionals to college students to people who have specially taken a drop to prepare, all sort of diversity can be witnessed amongst the test takers. There are people who are veterans for whom appearing for CAT has become a hobby while there are some who succumb to peer pressure and fill up the CAT form. So, one needs to have a sound plan and meticulously designed approach towards the preparation if one is really serious about cracking it with a good percentile.


So, in this blog we will talk in general on how to kickstart your preparation. What are the dos and don’ts one need to keep in mind during the entire preparation.



1. Go thru the entire syllabus:

If you wish to win any battle, you need to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your enemy. You need to study the terrain where the battle is going to take place, what are weapons that the enemy will deploy and which unit of the enemy army is the toughest and the most difficult to conquer. You need to do this homework. Similarly, we need to understand the entire dynamics of CAT. The first step is to go through the entire syllabus. It is important to understand all the topics one needs to study i.e. what all topics are covered under Quantitative Aptitude, VARC and LRDI. Also, based on previous trends one needs to pick out the topics and sub topics which are the most important.


2. Take a Diagnostic test:

Before you plunge into the battle, it is quite recommended to do the self-assessment. You need to understand your skill sets and the level of preparedness to be able to conquer your enemy. And this evaluation cannot be based on perceptions. Similarly, you need to start with a diagnostic test, so that you understand where u stand currently and how much of the ground needs to be covered. Pick up any CAT paper, CAT-19 or CAT-18 and appear it with utmost sincerity. Mark only those questions for which you are sure of the answers. No guess work at all and be as much honest as you can. Only then, the evaluation would be fair enough.


3. Gather Resources:


Once you have done the enemy analysis and the self-assessment, next step

is to gather the resources. You need to choose and gather the right weapons and ammunitions. Similarly, for you to crack cat, you need gather the right study resources. Books, reference material, question bank, mocks- all of these are your weapons. How wisely you choose your resources and how aptly you utilize them will the deciding factor in your victory.


4. Make a study plan:

Great warriors are people who are highly disciplined. They have strict schedules to train themselves. They allocate time for fitness, training, skill improvement and religiously follow the schedule they set for themselves. In the same manner, you need to make a study time table for yourself and stick to it. Of course, it needs to be realistic. Don’t set unrealistic targets for yourself. The entire schedule must be sustainable. For instance, if you have decided to study for 4 hours daily, then stick to it. It cannot happen that one day you study for 8 hours and the next day with no studies. Remember, consistency is the key. Set yourself weekly and monthly targets and see how much of those targets are u able to achieve. Further, set aside team to read daily. Be it newspapers (especially the editorials) and the novels. Make a habit of solving sudoku daily and puzzles (one can find plethora of puzzles online). The idea here is to keep your gray cells working.

Schedule must also include time for walks or sports or workouts other than the studies. These physical activities freshen u up and eventually increases your efficiency. After all, a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body.


5. Seek some mentors:

Battles are won with experience. A true fighter always values the experience of his mentors and seek their help and suggestions in times of difficulty and confusion. A small piece of advice when implemented can turn the tables in any battle. Similarly, all of the aspirants need the guidance and support of mentors. Mentor doesn’t necessarily have to be your teacher. It can be your seniors or some relative or any of your friend. Even strangers can help you in discussion forums and groups and their advice could work wonders for you.

Never hesitate to ask for guidance. When you will solve the assignments, you’ll encounter doubts, there will be confusion while filling up the forms for all the MBA related exams, there will be frustration when the marks in the mocks will hit a plateau. At all these points you would need the help and support of your mentors. So, never shy away from asking. But the catch is to get the right mentor and trust me, it’s never easy.


Now you may find all these things to be cliché. All the videos on this topic might keep telling you the same things, but these are the only things that work. Don’t expect that you’ll get a magical wand and be able to clear CAT with the help of it. CAT is not a packet of instant noodles which can be cooked in 2 minutes. It is that red velvet cake in which you have to mix the ingredients in the right proportion, bake it at the optimum temperature and patiently wait for it, till it is prepared. But yes, if the process is followed correctly, it will be sweetest dessert you’ll ever taste.

Someone rightly said,“ The manner in which one loses the battle can sometimes outshine the victory.” So, whatever be the outcome, the fight u put up must be glorious. If cracking CAT with a good percentile, is your dream, then make every moment count and leave no stone unturned.


Happy Learning!!!

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