CAT VARC Tips and Tricks - Root Words for Vocabulary

CAT VARC Tips and Tricks - Root Words for Vocabulary
13 February

CAT VARC Tips and Tricks - Root Words for Vocabulary

In our previous post we discussed how to start preparation for the VARC section. In this post, we will discuss a very effective method of building your Vocabulary for CAT: Root Words. One major problem that a lot of students face when it comes to remembering words is that they can’t recall the words learnt from wordlists individually. This method of Root Words for CAT Vocabulary will help you solve this very problem.

CAT 2021 Vocabulary Root Words: What are Root Words?

Root Words are the building blocks of words. Root words are parts upon which complete words are built. This usually happens by adding prefixes and suffixes. Let’s take an example to understand the concept of Root Words for CAT Vocabulary. Have you heard of the word Philanthropy? It means love for humanity and refers to various charitable and welfare acts. It is derived from the root word ‘Phil’ which means love. Other examples of the use of the same root word are:

  • Philanthropist: One who loves mankind

  • Philosophy: Love for wisdom.

  • Philology: Love for words.

  • Bibliophile: One who loves books.

Let’s look at a few examples of must know CAT vocabulary root words:

1. Root Word: gen

Meaning: birth

Words: generation, genesis

2. Root Word: lum

Meaning: light

Words: luminous, luminate

3. Root Word: tele

Meaning: far

Words: telepathy, telephone

4. Root Word: narr

Meaning: to tell

Words: narrate, narrator

5. Root word: bio

Meaning: life

Words: biographical, biography, biohazard

6. Root word: biblio

Meaning: book

Words: bibliography, bibliomania, biblioklept

7. Root word: byss

Meaning: Bottom

Words: abyss, abyssopelagic, hypabyssal

8. Root word: od

Meaning: path, way

Words: parodos, anode, diode

9. Root word: rhe

Meaning: flow

Words: rheology, diarrhoea, rhythm

10. Root word: strat

Meaning: army

Words: stratocracy, stratonic, strategy

11. Root Word: man

Meaning: hand

Words: manual, manuscript

12. Root Word: poly

Meaning: many

Words: Polyglot, Polygamy, Polyandry

13. Root Word: Mono

Meaning: Single

Words: Monogamy, Monorail, Monotonous

14. Root word: magn

Meaning: great, large

Words: Magnanimous, magnificent, magnate

15. Root word: hal

Meaning: breath

Words: inhale, anhelos, exhalable, exhalant, exhale

CAT 2021 Vocabulary Root Words: Key Points

The key points regarding CAT Vocabulary Root Words that you should keep in mind:

1. There are a lot of words that can be learnt and guessed with the help of root words.

2. You must try to remember as many root words as you can.

3. You should try to memorize the maximum number of words based on any root words you come across.

4. There will be a lot of words you come across while reading, you can guess their meaning based on the word roots that you have memorized.

With this, we complete a short lesson on how you can ingrain words using CAT Vocabulary Root Words. Use this method of CAT Vocabulary Root Words and expand your vocabulary. Happy learning!

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