CAT 2020 Strategy for Working Aspirants

CAT 2020 Strategy for Working Aspirants
16 October

CAT 2020 Strategy for Working Aspirants

An exam like CAT requires extensive preparations. If you are not doing anything and just focusing on preparation, it becomes a bit easier. The real challenge is for working professionals who are studying for CAT alongside a full-time job. Striking a balance between work and preparation might get a little difficult but with some strategic planning and guidance, it is manageable. 

  1. Utilize every free moment to the fullest, you need to use every chance you get proactively. Every minute is precious and can give you a better shot at cracking the entrance 

  2. You can opt for professional guidance that will help you have a weekend schedule or a proper planner for studying as per your convenience 

  3. When you are diving into, you need to have confidence that you will be able to pull it off. You cannot stop believing in yourself mid-way. Keep yourself motivated to work hard throughout. 

  4. Do not procrastinate on your schedule and always have all the materials you need ready. 

  5. If you travel to work, you can totally utilize that time for reading up or solving quizzes. 

  6. Online video tutorials and audiobooks are your saviors. You can watch videos on the go or whenever you have some time to spare. 

  7. Somedays you might feel dejected about not having enough time like other aspirants. Don't get disheartened. You can do as well as any other aspirant, its just about time management. 

The one thing that you should always remember is, you are not alone. So many working aspirants apply for CAT every year, you can always connect with people around you, share your experiences and that will definitely help you be motivated through the preparation. All the best!

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