CAT 2020 Strategy for Non-Working Aspirants

CAT 2020 Strategy for Non-Working Aspirants
16 October

CAT 2020 Strategy for Non-Working Aspirants

Preparing for a competitive exam like CAT can be a tough deal but with a great strategy, you can easily crack it. Everybody knows the basic structure for preparation. Though everybody is different, it depends on your schedules and at what point you are deciding to give the exam.

 If you are a non-working aspirant, here are a few things that might help you :

#1 The ideal time frame you need to prepare for CAT is 6-10 months although the last 3 months are the most crucial. Remember to divide your time and days in a strategic manner, giving appropriate time to each aspect. 

#2 Study the pattern of the exam properly, analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Go over the structure and sections thoroughly. You should miss out on any part of the syllabus

#3 Collect all the study material and books required together. Once that is sorted you can clear off the basics and get them out of the way. This helps in building a great foundation.

#4 Mock tests and Practice sessions are important. Keep up with the daily reading, enriching your vocabulary, and as when you cover a good chunk of the syllabus take some mock tests to assess yourself. 

#5 Try to have a proper schedule and dedicate a good chunk of your day towards preparation. A detailed routine will really help you keep up with the pace and better performance. 

Being a non-working aspirant gives you an added advantage. You don't have the pressure to handle a 9-5 job along with CAT preparation. It gives you a lot of time in hand and you really need to use it strategically. With proper time management and determination, you can ace the entrance. Kudos!

If you’re preparing for CAT 2020 or CAT 2021, the following resources may help you -

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* Website -

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