Best Things I Learned During My MBA

Best Things I Learned During My MBA
24 October

Best Things I Learned During My MBA

Every experience in life teaches you a lot of things. Doing an MBA does change your life with some really valuable lessons. From learning the differences between Managerial and financial accounting to CSR, there are endless amounts of values that these B-schools try to inculcate in you. Well, it is not only about bookish knowledge, but so many people also go back to school for an MBA because it's an enthralling experience. 

There are a few amazing things that I took back from doing an MBA course and I'd like to share them with you. 

  • It gives you a lot of on-ground experience,  an MBA provides you with so many opportunities to put your classroom learning into practice through case studies, volunteer work, and different competitions 

  • It really helps you connect with people. It teaches you what working in a team exactly means. You will learn a lot in your class with your mates and open different perspectives and discussions that are really helpful 

  • If you are doing it away from home or in another country that could be another enriching experience altogether. It really adds to your professional and personal caliber 

  • An MBA teaches you so many tools and tricks to tackle various business problems Although there is no book that talks about every crisis that comes in front of you, it will remind you to always be a student and keep learning from situations and surroundings. 

There is so much more that we can talk about, but to sum it up I'll say it helps you adapt with any situation thrown at you, the MBA Journey makes you resilient and it adds up so much more depth to your personal and professional life. 

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